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AT Originals

Amy Baker & Troy McNabb

Amy Baker & Troy McNabb (also known as A.T Originals) are a collaborative artist duo based in Vancouver, BC who’s work explores play and discovery across a range of media including textiles, ceramics, collage and photography. Pieces often begin by exploring the unpredictable nature of alcohol inks and watercolour to create spontaneous and intuitive mark making. The ink underneath serves as a reference for building up the piece through increasingly controlled layers with each mark informing the next. Through this process their work captures surreal organic forms, lines and textures. They welcome commissioned projects and collaborations.


2018 - Renegade Productions & Artswell “The DRIFT & ART JAM 4” Vancouver, BC
2018 - Artswell “Art Jam 3” Vancouver, BC
2017 - Hot Art Wet City “ 5th Annual Boobies and Wieners” Vancouver, BC

Awards & Challenges

“Make a Statement Large Format Art Challenge” Editors pick, Minted, 2018


Article name. Philosophy Now Magazine (5) 64-72. 2017
Article name. Philosophy Now Magazine (5) 64-72. 2017